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Recent Publications

1. Wei Hong, Zemin Wang, Wen Liu, Tiernan T. O’Malley, Ming Jin, Michael Willem, Christian Haass, Matthew P. Frosch, and Dominic M. Walsh (2018) Detection of high activity diffusible Aβ aggregates in Alzheimer’s disease brain. Acta Neuropathologica 136:19-40.

 2. Ming Jin, Brian O’Nuallain, Wei Hong, Justin Boyd, Valentina N. Lagomarsino, Tiernan T. O’Malley, Wen Liu, Matthew P. Frosch, Tracy Young-Pearse, Dennis J. Selkoe, and Dominic M. Walsh (2018) An in vitro paradigm to assess anti-Aβ antibodies for Alzheimer’s disease. Nature Communications. 9(1):2676. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-05068-w.

3. Neng-Wei Hu, Grant T. Corbett, Steven Moored, Igor Klyubina, Tiernan T. O’Malley, Dominic M. Walsh, Frederick J. Livesey, and Michael J. Rowan (2018) Extracellular Forms of Aβ and Tau from iPSC Models of Alzheimer’s Disease Disrupt Synaptic Plasticity. Cell Reports 23: 1932-1938.

4. Francesc X. Guix, Grant T. Corbett, Diana J. Cha, Maja Mustapic, Wen Liu, David Mengel, Zhicheng Chen, Elena Aikawa, Tracy Young-Pearse, Dimitrios Kapogiannis, Dennis J. Selkoe and Dominic M. Walsh (2018) Detection of Aggregation-competent Tau in neuron-derived extracellular vesicles. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 19: E663-686.

5. Rachid El Fatimy, Shamin Li, Zhicheng Chen, Tashim Mushannen, Sree Gongala, Zhiun Wei, Darrick T. Balu, Rosalia Rabinovsky, Adam Cantlon, Abdullah Elkhal, Dennis J. Selkoe, Kai C. Sonntag, Dominic M. Walsh, Anna M Krichevsky (2018) MicroRNA-132 provides neuroprotection for tauopathies via multiple signaling pathways. Acta Neuropathologica [Epub ahead of print]

6. Zemin Wang, Rosemary J. Jackson, Wei Hong, Walter M. Taylor, Grant T. Corbett, Arturo Moreno, Wen Liu, Shaomin Li, Matthew P. Frosch, Inna Slutsky, Tracy Young-Pearse, Tara L. Spires-Jones, and Dominic M. Walsh (2017) Human brain-derived Aβ oligomers bind to synapses and disrupt synaptic activity in a manner that requires APP.  Journal of Neuroscience. 37: 11947-11966.

7. Ting Yang, Shaomin Li, Huixin Xu, Dominic M. Walsh and Dennis J. Selkoe (2017) Large soluble oligomers of amyloid β-protein from Alzheimer brain are far less neuroactive than the smaller oligomers to which they dissociate. Journal of Neuroscience 37: 152-163.

8. Tiernan T. O’Malley, William M. Witbold, Sara Linse and Dominic M. Walsh (2016) The aggregation paths and products of Aβ42 dimers are distinct from Aβ42 monomer. Biochemistry 55: 6150-6161.

9. Dainan Zhang, Alexandra J. Mably, Dominic M. Walsh and Michael J. Rowan (2017) Peripheral interventions indirectly enhancing brain glutamate homeostasis relieve amyloid ß- and TNFa-mediated synaptic plasticity disruption in the rat hippocampus. Cerebral Cortex 27: 3724-3735.

10. Alexandra J. Mably, Wen Liu, Jessica M. Mc Donald, Jean-Cosme Dodart, Frédérique Bard, Cynthia A. Lemere, Brian O’Nuallain and Dominic M. Walsh (2015) Anti-Aβ antibodies incapable of reducing cerebral Aβ oligomers fail to attenuate spatial reference memory deficits in J20 mice. Neurobiology of Disease 82: 372-84.

11. Daniel Kanmert, Adam Cantlon, Christina R. Muratore, Ming Jin, Gloria Lee, Tracy L. Young-Pearse, Dennis J. Selkoe and Dominic M. Walsh (2015) C-terminally truncated forms of tau, but not full length tau or its C-terminal fragments, are released from neurons independent of cell death. Journal of Neuroscience 35:10851-65.

12. Adam Cantlon, Carlo Sala Frigerio, Darragh B. Freir, Barry Boland, Ming Jin, and Dominic M. Walsh (2015) The familial British dementia mutation promotes formation of neurotoxic cystine cross-linked ABri oligomers. Journal of Biological Chemistry 290:16502-16.

13. Olga Szczepankiewicz, Björn Linse, Georg Meisl, Eva Thulin, Birgitta Frohm, Carlo Sala Frigerio, Michael T. Colvin, Angela C. Jacavone, Robert G. Griffin, Tuomas Knowles, Dominic M. Walsh and Sara Linse (2015) N-terminal extensions retard Aβ42 fibril formation but allow cross-seeding and co-aggregation with Aβ42. Journal of the American Chemical Society 37:14673-85.

14. Jessica M. Mc Donald, Tiernan T. O’Malley, Wen Liu, Alexandra J. Mably, Gunnar Brinkmalm, Erik Portelius, William M. Wittbold, Matthew P. Frosch and Dominic M. Walsh (2015) The aqueous phase of Alzheimer’s disease brain contains assemblies built from ~4 and ~7 kDa Aβ species. Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia 11: 1286-305.

15. Alexandra J. Mably, Daniel Kanmert, Jessica M. Mc Donald, Wen Liu, Barbara J. Caldarone, Cynthia A. Lemere, Brian O’Nuallain, Kenneth S. Kosik and Dominic M. Walsh (2015) Tau immunization: a cautionary tale? Neurobiology of Aging 36:1316-32.

16. Tiernan T. O’Malley, Nur Alia Oktaviani, Dainan Zhang, Aleksey Lomakin, Brian O’Nuallain, Sara Linse, George B. Benedek, Michael J. Rowan, Frans A. A. Mulder and Dominic M. Walsh (2014) Aβ dimers differ from monomers in structural propensity, aggregation paths, and population of synaptotoxic assemblies. Biochemical Journal 461: 413-426


Recent Reviews

1. Tiernan T. O’Malley and Dominic M. Walsh (2018) Lessons from the study of covalent dimers of the Alzheimer’s disease-associate amyloid β-protein. Biochemistry & Physiology. 7: 229-233. doi: 10.4172/2168-9652.1000229.

2. Dominic M. Walsh and Dennis J. Selkoe (2016) A critical appraisal of the pathogenic protein spread hypothesis of neurodegeneration. Nature Neurosciene Reviews 17: 251-260.

3. Adam Cantlon, Carlo Sala Frigerio and Dominic M. Walsh (2015) Lessons from a rare dementia: amyloid and beyond. Journal of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s Disease2: 12-24.


Other Research Publications since 2004

1. Tiernan T. O’Malley, Sara Linse, Dominic M. Walsh (2018) Production and use of recombinant Aβ for aggregation studies. In, “Peptide Self-Assembly: Methods and Protocols”, Ed: T Doran and B Nelson, Humana Press, New York, NY. Methods in Molecular Biology 1777: pp307-320. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-7811-3_19.

2. Claire J. Sarell, Emma Quarterman, Daniel C-M Yip, Cassandra Terry, Andrew J. Nicol, Jonathan D. F. Wadsworth, Mark A. Farrow, Dominic M. Walsh and John Collinge (2017) Soluble Ab aggregates can inhibit prion propagation. Open Biology 7: 170158-69.

3. Kristopher Sarosiek, Cameron Fraser, Nathiya Muthalagu, Patrick D. Bhola, Weiting Chiang, Samual K. McBrayer, Adam Cantlon, Sudeshna Fisch, Gail Golomb-Mello, Jeremy Ryan, Jing Deng, Brian Jian, Chris Corbett, Marti Goldenberg, Joseph Madsen, Ronglih Liao, Dominic Walsh, John Sedivy, Daniel J. Murphy, Daniel Ruben Carrasco, Shenandoah Robinson, Javid Moslehi, Anthony Letai(2016) Developmental regulation of mitochondrial apoptosis by c-Myc governs age- and tissue-specific sensitivity to cancer therapeutics.  Cancer Cell pii: S1535-6108(16)30554-2.

4. Eleanor K. Pickett, Robert M. Koffie, Susanne Wegmann, Christopher Henstridge, Abigail G. Herrmann, Marti Colom-Cadena, Alberto Lleo, Kevin R. Kay, Melissa Vaught, Roy Soberman, Dominic M. Walsh, Bradley T. Hyman, and Tara L. Spires-Jones (2016) Non-fibrillar oligomeric amyloid-β within synapses.  Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 53: 787-800.

5. Ming Lei, Huixin Xu, Zhangyuan Li, Zemin Wang, Tiernan T. O’Malley, Dainan Zhang, Dominic M. Walsh, Pingyi Xu, Dennis J. Selkoe, Shaomin Li (2016) Soluble Aβ oligomers impair hippocampal LTP by disrupting glutamatergic/GABAergic balance.  Neurobiology of Disease 85: 111-21.6

6. Colleen N. Loynachan, G Romero, MG. Christiansen, R Chen, R Ellison, Tiernan T. O’Malley, UP Froriep, Dominic M. Walsh, Polina Anikeeva (2015) Targeted magnetic nanoparticles for remote magnetothermal disruption of amyloid-β aggregates. Advances in Healthcare Materials doi: 10.1002/adhm.201500487.

7. Yinghua Guan, Kevin J. Cao, Adam Cantlon, Kristyna K. Elbel, Emmanuel A. Theodorakis, Dominic M. Walsh, Jerry Yang, Jagesh V. Shah (2015) Real-time monitoring of Alzheimer’s-related amyloid aggregation via Probe Enhancement Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (PE–FCS).  ACS Chem Neuroscience 6:1503-8.

8. James Keaney, Dominic M. Walsh, Tiernan O’Malley, Natalie Hudson, Darragh E. Crosbie, Teresa Loftus, Florike Sheehan, Marian M. Humphries, John J. Callanan, Francesca M. Brett, Michael A. Farrell, Peter Humphries and Matthew Campbell (2015) Passive paracellular diffusion of soluble amyloid-β across the blood-brain barrier.  Science Advances; 1:e150047.

9. Monichan Phay, Alfred T. Welzel, Angela D. Williams, Helen P. McWilliams-Koeppen, Veronika Blinder, Tiernan T. O’Malley, Alan Solomon, Dominic M. Walsh, Brian O’Nuallain IgG conformer’s binding to amyloidogenic aggregates (2015) PLoS One 10(9):e0137344.

10. Yona Levites, Brian O’Nuallain, Rama Puligedda, Tomas Ondrejcak, Sharad Adekar, Cindy Chen, Pedro Cruz, Awilda Rosario, Sallie Macy, Alexandra J. Mably, Dominic M. Walsh, Ruben Vidal, Alan Solomon, Daniel Brown, Michael J Rowan, Todd Golde, and Scott Dessain (2015) A human monoclonal IgG that binds Aβ assemblies and diverse amyloids exhibits anti-amyloid activities in vitro and in vivo.  Journal of Neuroscience 35:6265-76.

11. Ting Yang, Tiernan T. O’Malley, Daniel Kanmert, Jasna Jerecic, Lynn R. Zieske, Henrik Zetterberg, Bradley T. Hyman, Dominic M. Walsh and Dennis J. Selkoe (2015) A highly sensitive novel immunoassay specifically detects low levels of soluble Aβ oligomers in human CSF.  Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy 7: 14-30.

12. Alexandra J. Mably, Daniel Kanmert, Jessica M. Mc Donald, Wen Liu, Barbara J. Caldarone, Cynthia A. Lemere, Brian O’Nuallain, Kenneth S. Kosik and Dominic M. Walsh (2015) Tau immunization: a cautionary tale?  Neurobiology of Aging 36:1316-32.

13. Alfred T. Welzel, John E. Maggio, Ganesh M. Shankar, Donald E. Walker, Beth L. Ostaszewski, Shaomin Li, Igor Klyubin, Michael J. Rowan, Peter Seubert, Dominic M. Walsh, and Dennis J. Selkoe (2014) Secreted amyloid b-proteins in a cell culture model include N-terminally extended peptides that impair synaptic plasticity.  Biochemistry. 53: 3908-21.

14. Igor Klyubin, Andrew Nicoll, Azadeh Khalili-Shirazi, Michael Farmer, Stephanie Canning, Alexandra J. Mably, Jackie Linehan, Alexander Brown, Madeleine Wakeling, Sebastian Brandner, Dominic M. Walsh, Michael J Rowan, and John Collinge (2014) Peripheral administration of a humanised anti-PrP antibody blocks Alzheimer’s disease Aβ synaptotoxicity.  Journal of Neuroscience 34: 6140-5.

15. Hilla Fogel, Samuel Frere, Oshik Segev, Shashank Bharill, Ilana Shapira, Neta Gazit, Tiernan O’Malley, Edden Slomowitz, Yevgeny Berdichevsky, Dominic M. Walsh, Ehud Y. Isacoff, Joel A. Hirsch, Inna Slutsky (2014) APP homodimers transduce amyloid-β mediated increase in release probability at excitatory synapses.  Cell Reports 7: 1560-76.

16. Judith J. Mittag, Silvia Milani, Dominic M. Walsh, Joachim O. Rädler, Jennifer J. McManus (2014) Simultaneous measurement of a range of particle sizes during Ab1-42 fibrillogenesis quantified using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.  Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 448:195-9.

17. Christina R. Muratore, Heather C. Rice, Priya Srikanth, Dana G. Callahan, Taehwan Shin, Lawrence Benjamin, Dominic M. Walsh, Dennis J. Selkoe and Tracy L. Young-Pearse (2014) The familial Alzheimer’s disease APPV717I mutation alters APP processing and Tau expression in iPSC-derived neurons.  Human Molecular Genetics 23: 3523-36.

18. Neng-Wei Hu, Andrew J. Nicoll, Dainan Zhang, Alexandra J. Mably, Tiernan O’Malley, Silvia A. Purro, Cassandra Terry, John Collinge, Dominic M. Walsh and Michael J. Rowan (2014) mGlu5 receptors and cellular prion protein mediate amyloid-β-facilitated synaptic long-term depression in vivoNature Communications 4; 5: 3374.

19. Igor Klyubin, Tomas Ondrejcak, John Hayes, William K. Cullen, Alexandra J Mably, Dominic M Walsh, Michael J Rowan (2014) Neurotransmitter receptor and time dependence of the synaptic plasticity disrupting actions of Alzheimer’s disease Aβ in vivo.  Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369: 20130147.

20. Monichan Phay, Veronika Blinder, Sallie Macy, Michael J. Greene, Daniel C. Wooliver, Wen Liu, Antoni Planas, Dominic M. Walsh, Lawreen H. Connors, Stanley R. Primmer, Sudhir Paul and Brian O’Nuallain (2014) TTR aggregate specific antibodies recognize cryptic epitopes on patient-derived amyloid fibrils. Rejuvenation Research 17: 97-104.

21. Charles Métais, Kathryn Brennan, Alex J. Mably, Michael Scott, Dominic M. Walsh and Caroline E. Herron (2014) Simvastatin treatment preserves synaptic plasticity in APPswe/ PS1dE9 mice.  Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 39: 315-29.

22. Andrew J. Nicoll, Silvia Panico, Darragh Freir, Daniel Wright, Cassandra Terry, Emmanuel Risse, Caroline E. Herron, Tiernan O’Malley, Jonathan D.F. Wadsworth, Mark A. Farrow, Dominic M. Walsh, Helen R. Saibil & John Collinge (2013) Amyloid-b nanotubes are associated with prion protein-dependent synaptotoxicity.  Nature Communications. 4: 2416-25.

23. Kyongman An, Igor Klyubin, Youngkyu Kim, Jung Hoon Jung, Alexandra J Mably, Sean T O’Dowd, Timothy Lynch, Daniel Kanmert, Cynthia A Lemere, Gina M Finan, Joon Won Park, Tae-Wan Kim, Dominic M. Walsh, Michael J Rowan and Joung-Hun Kim (2013) Exosomes neutralize synaptic-plasticity-disrupting activity of Aβ assemblies in vivoMolecular Brain 6: 47-60.

24. Hon-Kit Wong, Tatiana Veremeyko, Nehal Patel, Cynthia A. Lemere, Dominic M. Walsh, Christine Esau, Charles Vanderburg and Anna M. Krichevsky (2013) De-repression of FOXO3a death axis by microRNA-132 and -212 causes neuronal apoptosis in Alzheimer’s disease.  Human Molecular Genetics 22: 3077-92.

25. Ting Yang, Soyon Hong, Tiernan O’Malley, Michael A. Farrell, Reisa A. Sperling, Dominic M. Walsh and Dennis J. Selkoe (2013) ELISAs with high specificity for soluble oligomers of amyloid ß-protein reveal natural Aß oligomers in human brain but not CSF.  Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia. 9: 99-112.

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