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Alzheimer’s Association Zenith Award

Dr. Walsh becomes first head of ADRU

The LNR will remain open and viable for the foreseeable future

A word of thanks to our colleagues, collaborators and past lab members



Pathogenic Protein Spread?

April 08, 2016


Untangling Tau

June 21, 2012


Clearing the Fog Around Aβ Oligomers

October 14, 2011


Stories in the press:

An article from the Boston Globe about the longstanding collaboration between Dr. Walsh and Dr. Selkoe: Collaboration: the mother of invention, Boston produces an outsized share of scientific breakthroughs. Researchers working side by side is a big reason why. By Carolyn Y. Johnson, Globe Staff / May 8, 2011


Other News:

Commentary on Hong et al. 2018 Acta Neuropath& Jin, O’Nuallain et al. 2018 Nature Comm


Commentary on Hu et al. 2018 Cell Reports


Commentary on Wang et al. 2017 J Neuroscience


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